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Landlord Tips on Preparing Your Property for Tenants

Posted on 02 February 2018
Landlord Tips on Preparing Your Property for Tenants

As a landlord, adequately preparing your property for tenants is of the utmost importance. Failing to do so gives the impression that you may be a lazy or incompetent landlord – there’s no way around it.
Good presentation increases the value and desirability of your property and first impressions mean everything for a tenant. If the property is in bad condition during a viewing, there’s not much of a chance that the tenant will want to live there.

What can be done?
Preparing a property for tenants can seem overwhelming, even if you’re a fairly experienced landlord. No matter your experience, it’s totally normal to feel stressed – preparing a property is about a lot more than just cleaning it, after all. The best place to start is normally with the decor of the property.

When preparing a property as a landlord, you have to pay no attention whatsoever to your own personal tastes. Strong colours and patterns are a no-go, as they date quickly and can be difficult to repair/maintain.
That’s why all walls and floors in the property should be of a neutral, light colour. Floors should be plain and unpatterned, and either be hard wearing carpet or laminate wood.
Any kitchen and bathroom fittings must also follow a similar theme, and should be clean, bright, and matching.

Both should have the aforementioned decor, and should have all appliances and installations working.
Check that everything such as fridges and ovens work in the kitchen, and that all of the taps and sanitaryware in the bathroom function as normal. One of the most common faults that tenants find in their properties after moving in is that the shower or bath doesn’t work correctly – it’s up to you as a landlord to ensure that they do.
Ensure all seals around baths, showers, and sinks are in good condition. Resealing any gaps in advance is much cheaper than the repair of any damage that can occur from leaks.

Central heating
Ensure that the central heating system in your property is fully functioning, and that all radiators are working efficiently. Any issues should be dealt with as soon as possible.
Consider replacing the boiler if it is over ten years old and has failed more than twice. Remember – if a boiler begins to need multiple repairs, it’s likely that they will continue. It’s nearly always cheaper to replace a boiler as soon as it begins to need repairs, instead of forking out for multiple repair costs.

Anything else?
If you need to paint, use standard paint from a reputable brand, and make sure to keep some spare. If you need to touch up any scuff marks in the future, it’ll be much easier to do so.
Use carpet or flooring from a well-known supplier. If you need to replace any in the future, it’ll be easier to match the rest of the property.
Ensure that all handles are secure – everything from door handles to handles on a drawer. Tightening them up yourself is much cheaper than having them repaired or replaced by a professional.

Managing the Tenancy
You may wish to manage the tenancy yourself, however you should be aware of all the legalities involved in managing a tenancy. At Fletcher Torrens, we provide a comprehensive lettings service which gives you peace of mind that your property is in good hands. Please give us a call to discuss our unique Gold, Silver & Bronze tariffs.